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Speed of Sound

Pro T11

Pro T11

Standard Installed Features:

  • Engine Start/Stop
  • Up to 1 MILE Range
  • (1) Up to 3 MILE Range 4 Button 2-way LCD Display
  • (1) Up to 1 MILE Range 4 Button 1-way Remote
  • Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery In LCD Remote
  • Battery life on full charge is 2 months on average depending on amount of use.
  • Fully charges in 8-10 hours
  • Comes w/Charging Adapter and Cord
  • Confirmation of Command by:
      LCD, Beeper and Vibration
  • 900Mhz 2 way Communication
  • Built-in turbo timer
  • Run-time countdown
  • Gas & Diesel Capable
  • Automatic and Manual Transmission Capable
  • Parking Light Confirmation
  • Operating distance is based on ideal conditions, clear line of sight with no obstructions or interference.
  • Additional parts/labor may be necessary for installation in your vehicle.
    Additions range from $20-$180

Ask us about these options:

  • Heated Seat Activation
  • Rear Defrost Activation
  • Horn Honk / Panic
  • Manual Transmission Compatability
  • Additional Remotes
Owner's Manual
Starting at $649.00
*Additional parts and labor may be necessary for installation in your vehicle.

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Remote Starters make great gifts!

In most cases extra parts are needed

With the advances in today's vehicles many times additional parts are needed to install a remote starter or alarm.  This may sound like a problem but with the modules we use it has never been easier and safer for your vehicle.  We use the iDatalink brand bypass modules to insure a clean, safe install.


Benefits of iDatalink Modules:

  • Vehicle specific firmware
  • Updateable Online
  • No giving up a key for the installation
  • Safe DATA communication to vehicle
  • Less wire tapping into vehicle
  • Faster / Cleaner installations